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Article I – Name and Geographic Location

Section 1 - This chapter shall be known as the "Greater Dayton Chapter" of the International Public Management Association-Human Resources (IPMA-HR) with a focus on Wright Patterson AFB (WPAFB) Federal Human Resource activity that subsequently is made up of the Greater Dayton Area since WPAFB is the largest single site employer in the state of Ohio.

Section 2- The purpose of this chapter is to function as a Chapter of federal and larger corporate personnel administration with its geographical area covering the Montgomery, Greene, Clark, Miami, Warren and Preble Counties of Ohio.

Article II - Objectives

Section 1 - This chapter shall implement the objectives and programs of the IPMA-HR within this chapter's area:

Section 2 - Provide a forum for persons engaged in federal and to a degree public administration which will encourage continuing professional self-development and active interchange in discussing practical information and current personnel problems of mutual concern;

Section 3 -  Interpret, research,  develop, explain, and promote the use of methods of personnel administration  to government officials, employees, civic groups, and to the general public; and

Section 4 - Encourage and facilitate cooperative action based on merit principles with regards to sound personnel administration among public jurisdictions and private employer within this chapter’s area.

Article III – Membership and Service

Section 1 - Membership in this chapter shall be open to any person within the chapter area referenced in Article I, Section 2 and who is a paying member of the IPMA-HR.

Section 2 - The Executive Board of this chapter shall establish the annual dues for the chapter membership.  Any person within the chapter area who is a member of the National IPMA-HR organization is automatically eligible for membership in the local chapter at a reduced fee established by the Executive Board.


Article IV - Chapter Officers and Board of Directors

Section 1 - The Executive Committee of this chapter shall consist of:

  • President
  • President-Elect
  • Membership Chair
  • Marketing Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

To be nominated, an individual must meet the membership requirements of Article III, must be a voting member of IPMA-HR and have been a Greater Dayton Chapter member of record for no less than one year.  The Executive Board (See Section 3 below) may approve any waivers to eligibility for nomination to an Executive Committee position.

Section 2 - The Senior Advisory Board of this chapter shall consist of the key Human Resources Leadership billets at Wright-Patterson AFB.  At a minimum, the incumbents of the following positions will be members of the Senior Advisory Board: 

  • AFPC-OL Classification
  • AFMC/A1K
  • 88 FSS/FSC 

The Senior Advisory Board may invite other senior leaders to sit on the Advisory Board as desired.  The purpose of the Senior Advisory Board is to provide advice and guidance to the Executive Committee on management of the Chapter’s affairs and development/implementation of program activities.

NOTE:  Any individual holding a regional or national office in IPMA will automatically be included as a member of the Executive Advisory Board.  An individual holding a regional or national office in IPMA will be included on the Senior Advisory Board for the duration of his/her terms as a regional or national officer

Section 3 - The IPMA HR Executive Board of this chapter shall consist of (see below):

  • Executive Committee
  • Senior Advisory Board
  • Past Executive Committee (Previous Year Only)



Section 4 - By April 30 of each year, the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee of five members.   The general membership shall be notified of the appointment of the Nominating Committee and shall be invited to suggest candidates to the committee.   This committee shall nominate at least two candidates from the membership for each of the following offices:   President-Elect, Membership Chair, Marketing Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.  

Section 5 - By May15 of each year, ballots shall be provided to all members (with current dues paid) of the chapter containing the names, arranged in alphabetical order, of candidates nominated for each office.  Provision shall be made so chapter members can write in the names of additional candidates.  The Nominating Committee shall determine and give directions concerning the method for return of the marked ballots.

Section 6 - The officers shall be elected for a term of one year beginning on July1 through June 30. The past President serves for a one-year term on the Executive Board immediately following the term as President.  An officer may be elected once to succeed himself/herself and serve no more than two consecutive terms in the same elected office.  All “second term” positions require the approval of the Executive Board prior to announcement is made.

Section 7 - The candidate for each office, President-Elect, Membership Chair, Marketing Chair, Secretary and Treasurer receiving the highest number of votes shall be declared elected.  At-large candidates will be elected in descending order by number of votes.  In cases of a tie vote, the Executive Board will determine which of the tied candidates shall be elected.

Section 8 - If the President-Elect position is vacated, and the unexpired portion of the term is 90 days or more, the Executive Board shall call a special election.  The

President-Elect elected in this manner shall automatically ascend to the Presidency at the end of the term.  If the unexpired  portion  of the  term is less than 90 days, the  Executive Board shall  designate one of the  Board  members  to  discharge  the duties  of the office until the next regular election is held.  When the President-Elect is filled in this manner, the individual appointed will not automatically ascend to the Presidency at the end of the term.  Nominees for the Office of President will be included on the ballot for the next annual election.   If any of the other chapter or Executive Committee offices become vacant, the Executive Board will designate one of the Board members to discharge the duties of the office until the next regular election.

Section 9 - All members of the chapter shall have a voice and a vote in the affairs of the chapter. On matters calling for a decision by the chapter membership, voting shall be by voice or by ballot as the Executive Board may determine.

ARTICLE V - Duties of Officers and the Executive Board

Section 1 - The President shall preside at all meetings of the chapter and the Executive Board.  The President in conjunction with the Executive Board shall appoint the Nominating Committee (Article IV, Section 4), Auditing Committee (Article V, Section 6), and the chairs of the other Ad Hoc Committees as the Executive Board may deem necessary or appropriate for carrying on the activities of the chapter. 

Section 2 - In the absence of the President or by the President's temporary incapacity to serve, the President-Elect shall exercise the functions covered in Section 1 of this article. The President-Elect also serves as chair for the Program Committee as further explained i n Article VI, Section 1.

Section 3 - The Membership Chair shall be responsible for recruiting, reclaiming, and retaining members.  He/she shall distribute membership cards to all new and renewing members. He/she shall ensure that the President and President-Elect membership is paid as a national member to IPMA-HR national office.  He/she shall maintain an official list of national/local financial members.  In addition, he/she shall insure reimbursement for membership from the IPMA-HR national office.  The committee shall coordinate the presentation of candidates for membership as explained i n Article VI and be responsible for keeping all membership records.

Section 4 - The Marketing Chair is responsible for ensuring local and national websites are updated with current chapter information.  He/she shall also post and maintain local social media websites.  In addition, he/she will be responsible for creating flyers/articles for advertising local events and distribute information via e-mail and through base/local area newspapers.    He/she shall compile and mail a newsletter to all national and local members.  

Section 5 – The Secretary shall he responsible for all Chapter publicity to all members.    He/she shall maintain a file of all submitted newsletters and related reports.  As Secretary he/she shall be responsible for keeping all records of the chapter other than membership records; for preparing minutes of meeting of the Executive Board and summaries of program meetings for corresponding with the regional and international organizations as necessary; for submitting an annual report of the chapter’s activities to the IPMA-HR containing a summary of chapter activities and new officers.

Section 6 - The Treasurer shall be responsible for receiving and keeping a record of all funds paid or raised in the name of the Chapter regardless of their source and purpose.  He/she shall remit funds to the appropriate IPMA-HR national office and submit all necessary documents as required.  He/she shall provide and have available at Chapter meetings a record of all payments made and received by the Chapter members or to the Chapter.  He/she shall maintain a cash receipts journal.  Upon taking office (July1) the incoming President shall appoint an Auditing Committee of three members to audit the Treasurer's account for the preceding year, and submit a certified report to the Executive Board.  This Committee’s report will be available, upon request, to any member of the chapter and shall accompany the Treasurer's annual financial report.

Section 7 - The Executive Board shall meet at the call of the President.  Such meetings shall be held at least bi-annually.  The Executive Board shall carry out the established policies of the chapter, review the activities of the chapter, and develop plans for future

activities, propose new policies for approval by the membership, recognize IPMA members for outstanding accomplishments, insure that all monies levied, collected, or

amassed by the chapter are used exclusively for the public purposes in accordance with stated objectives of the chapter, establish and authorize expenditure of chapter funds for honorary awards, approve all expenditures and programs and consider other matters brought to the attention of the Executive Board by its members or by the chapter membership.

ARTICLE VI - Standing Committees

Section 1 - The Chair of the Program Committee shall be the President-Elect.  He/she shall appoint at least four (4) members from the general membership for terms of one year.  The chair shall be responsible for ensuring that the Committee members are representative of the different organizations/government agencies involved i n the chapter. The Program Committee shall be responsible for developing an annual program schedule of social and professional development activities and providing support and guidance to the organizations/government agencies hosting the programs.   The Program Committee shall publicize the program activities and solicit recommendations from the membership to ensure that programs are varied so as to appeal to all members of the chapter.

Section 2 - The Membership Chair shall chair the Membership Committee and appoint at least four (4) members from the general membership ensuring that members are from

different organizations/government agencies. Committee members shall be appointed for one year. The Membership Committee shall be responsible for the recruitment and

orientation of new members and making certain that the entire chapter membership is

included in the continual membership campaign.    All chapter members shall be encouraged to bring guests and prospective new members to all chapter meetings and functions. Committee members shall be responsible for notifying the chair of any changes in

membership information needed to maintain current records and for acting as the representatives for their organizations/government agencies in contacts with chapter members.


Section 1-The Executive Committee meeting will be held at least quarterly.  The President shall set the time and place of meetings and the Program Committee shall notify members.

Section 2 - The regular Program meetings will be held at least quarterly and that Program Committee shall decide on type and location of event. The President-Elect shall present to the Executive Board all programs for the quarter.

Section 3 - The Senior Advisory Board and Executive Board will meet as required.  Any member of the Senior Advisory Board may call for a meeting of that Board.  Additionally, any Senior Advisory Board Member and/or Executive Committee President or President-elect can call an Executive Board meeting.


Section  1 - Before an  amendments to these bylaws are formally presented  to the chapter  membership  for  consideration,  the Secretary  shall  submit  the proposed amendment(s) to  the Secretariat  of the IPMA-HR with  a request  that the proposed  bylaw  changes be reviewed  for conformity with  policies of the International Personnel  Management Association-United States as established by the Executive Council.  No action on these proposed amendments will be taken until the chapter has received a response to a request for review.

Section 2 - Any amendments to these bylaws deemed by the Executive Committee to be in conflict with the objectives or policies of the IPMA-HR shall be referred back to the chapter membership.

Section 3 - A two - thirds majority of those voting will be required for approval of amendment.

Section 4 - A written copy of the Chapter's Bylaws shall be kept by the Secretary and be available for review at all Chapter business and Executive Board meetings.

Section 5 - A copy of the Chapter's Bylaws shall be given to all Chapter members.

Section 6 – IAW AFI34-223 (Private Organization Programs); Para 9.4, guidance for disposition of residual assets upon dissolution will be to forward all residual assets to the next higher organizational authority; IPMA-HR Central Region office (Minneapolis, MN), for execution according to national IPMA by-laws.

ARTICLE IX - Chapter Liabilities

Section 1 - IPMA-HR is not responsible for any liabilities this chapter might incur.

Article X - Effective Date

Section 1 - These bylaws shall become effective upon approval by the Executive Council of IPMA-HR.


IPMA-HR Greater Dayton Chapter

P.O. Box 1401

Fairborn, Ohio 45324

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